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About the movie

Are you turned on by girl’s with wet hair? Or you prefer some other parts to be wet?

Nude Girl with Wet Hair Ivona teasing with black lingerie

Any fans of stockings? We have the super hot and attractive Ivona dressed in black lingerie and sexy stockings just for you! She will be teasing you in the bedroom with her naughty attitude! She just went out of the shower, as you can see from her wet hair! Don't you find this quite seductive? Her slow and sensual moves will make you lose your mind over this sexy babe! Want to see the full uncensored video? Join Nudex today!

Tell us more about the nude girl with wet hair Ivona!

She looks innocent, doesn't she? Oh, believe us she is pretty like an angel but naughty like the devil! Our model Ivona is a truly gorgeous Bulgarian beauty with an exclusive performance for Nudex! Her beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair and lovely lips will make you go mad! Wait no further, join Nudex today to explore this beauty!

Have you filmed other nude girls with wet hair?

We love getting girls wet. We have quite a few videos where we make their hairs wet. Usually, the action takes place in the shower or in the bathtub. Let’s see what we have prepared for you. 

Firstly, we have another video of Ivona where she is fully nude in the bath. Actually, that is why her hair was wet for this video! Want to see how we got it that wet? Watch it here.

Secondly, we have the naughty Bulgarian teen Ivon. She will be fully nude and wet under the shower. There will be a lot of action happening in her video. Water will be flying all over the place. See her video here.

Thirdly, we present to you Jeanen. Her video under the shower was shot in slow motion. It is so beautiful and sexy. Also, we have put red lights to make the scene even more erotic. Watch her video here

The final girl we are going to introduce you to is Nygma. The natural Romanian babe is a dream come true for all big boob lovers. She will be doing some wild stuff in the bathtub. Explore the video here.

Overall, we are by no doubt the best in getting girls naked and making them all wet from head to toe. You can also explore our full nude video collection where you will see more interesting stuff!

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Backstage Ivona in the Bathtub

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Backstage with Ivona and the Bubblebed

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