Rooftop games with promiscuous nude babe Jeanen


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About the movie

Have you seen a nude teen on the roof soon?

Who wouldn’t like a pretty nude teen on the roof!?

To be honest, it is not very common to see a nude girl on the roof, is it? Therefore, our Nudex production team took the decision to make something more scandalous and interesting and filmed Jeanen nude on the roof! We are not mainstream production, so we decided why not! Oh, and by the way, there were people watching! However, we would do anything for the production and for our loyal Nudex members!

However, it was windy outside! Therefore, we made sure our model Jeanen is well protected with her skiing mask and hat! Oh wait, she is barely dressed! Well, we better undress her and show you her amazing body! Watch her dark brown hair get blown by the wind and hold tightly, you might get blown away by this beauty!

Tell us more about the lovely naked babe on the roof Jeanen?

Well, it is a simple explanation she is sexy! How can you define sexy? In Nudex, our definition of sexy is our gorgeous Romanian model Jeanen! You can simply fall in love with her by looking at those amazing natural lips, eyes and of course killer body! Go and meet this beauty queen in our amazing videos!

Did you film another nude teen on the roof for Nudex?

Yes, we have! Similarly, you can enjoy our Romanian model Christa being nude on the roof as well! Here is a link to the video. Nevertheless, the two girls are quite different from each other. On the one hand, Christa has silicone boobs and piercing on her intimate parts! Her look is also quite provocative and dirty! On the other hand, Jeanen has absolutely natural body with no piercing what so ever. She looks like an angel with a pretty face! Overall, both videos are extremely good and we suggest you watch them if you are a fan of nude girls on the roof!

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