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About the movie

Do you like watching how sexy nude girls eat bananas? You are in for a treat in our hot video with Ivon.

Nude Girl Ivon eating Banana and pouring herself with Milk

Who does not like bananas? Surely our glamour model Ivon loves eating bananas in the morning! In addition, she loves drinking milk! Want to see how we pour milk all over her sexy body in slow motion? In our hot video, you will be able to see that! The nude girl Ivon is dressed all in white! Her sexy moves will make you lose control! Join Nudex to see the full uncensored video.

Tell us more about the nude girl Ivon?

Ivon is a sexy Bulgarian brunette with a naughty attitude and a stunning body! She is unpredictable; you never know what she has prepared for you! She is quite impulsive and crazy, as you will see from her videos! She does not like the traditional things and has an adventurous personality! We urge you to explore her promiscuous videos; you will like it for sure!

Have you filmed other nude girls with Bananas?

Actually this is the first time that we film a nude girl eating a banana. However, we have an extremely large collection of other nude girls doing interesting things. Let’s explore some of them.

Firstly, we have the young teen Ivona playing the pool fully nude. Yes, that is right, her video is shot on the pool table! Want to play with her? See her video here.

Secondly, we have sexy Bulgarian erotic model Alexa dressed as a naughty kitty. In that episode, she will drink milk just like the pussies do! Want to remove all her clothes and see her fully nude? Subscribe and watch her video here.

Thirdly, we have the natural brunette Romanian teen Nygma. We will be pouring milk all over her sexy body in the bathtub. All of this shot on slow motion as well! So naughty and provocative. Click here to enjoy the video.

Overall, these are just some examples of our videos. You can check out our full nude video collection here for more amazing clips. 

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Backstage Ivon Playing with the Milk

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Backstage Ivon with Boots

Backstage Ivon with Boots

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