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About the movie

Have you ever thought to yourself, I want to be part of the Nudex shooting process? Well, finally you can be involved! Watch our nude backstage journey to experience part of Nudex life!

How it All Started?

It was a rainy day. We got up really early to prepare everything for the shooting. We were traveling quite late the previous day and were actually really tired. Also, we could not sleep very well because we were excited about the upcoming shooting. We had planned to film 2 girls for the day in the studio that we hired and we knew that it would be a long day. 

Laura was the first model. When we reached the studio she has already finished with the makeup and she looked stunning.

The shooting process!

We got into the makeup room and greeted Laura

"Hey, Laura! A pleasure to meet you!" Alex said

"Pleasure to meet you too! I am quite excited for the shooting," Laura said

"So are we. Let's get your things and go to the studio to choose your clothes" Alex instructed

"Sure, I am ready with my makeup so let's go. I really like it, what do you think"  Laura asked

"You definitely look amazing! We got the best makeup artist in town we hope that you liked her" Alex claimed

"Yeah, indeed she is amazing. Also, quite a nice person" Laura smiled

We walked into the studio 

"Let's see what clothes you have prepared for us today! " Alex said

"I will be all Nude!" Laura laughed and took all her clothes off. "Do you like me in high heels" she asked and started walking around the studio!

"Wait, let me take a shot of that for our nude backstage" Alex exclaimed 

Are you curious about what was the final video? 

Watch her final video here! We know that you will adore it! Also, explore the full Nude backstage collection here.

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