Backstage Dragon in Red Lingerie


Model: Dragon




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About the movie

Dragon is wild! If you want to see what we mean watch her amazing nude backstage. It will blow your mind! Some say it is even better than the video!

How it All Started?

It was a windy Thursday morning in February. We could not sleep well the previous night, however, we know that we had to be in top form in order to film the sexy Ukrainian model Olga - The little Dragon!

The shooting process!

We arrived on set at the exact time with the model. However, she had all her makeup done before so we knew that we will start shooting very soon

We greeted her and help her unpack her luggage! 

"Hey, I am so excited to finally meet you" Dragon exclaimed 

"Happy to see you too! You look much better than your pictures in Instagram in reality" Alex told her

"Oh thank you! Just wait to see what I can do! I have so much energy now!" Dragon said

"Let's start with choosing your lingerie. What do you have prepared for us?" Alex smiles

"I bring a lot of lingerie! Most of it is in red colour as it is my favourite. Choose something " Dragon said

"Let's try this" Alex told her by picking one of the sexy lingerie

Dragon undressed fully and said. "Wait are you filming a backstage? "

"Yes, why?" Alex asked

"Come let the fans see me fully nude on the backstage! Walk after me" Dragon suggested

She started walking sexy and sensually. Want to know what happens next? Watch the full backstage video!

Are you curious about what was the final video? 

After we finished with the Nude backstage we started shooting the set with the red lingerie. If you want to know what happens in the video click here. 

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